In order to determine end of season club trophies, Mountain Raiders run a points system through the whole season.  This rewards consistency, rather than a single good race meeting.  It's also a good incentive for our members to attend as many club nights as they can.  As a result, our club nights are HUGE, like mini race meetings, and good, competitive racing is always guaranteed.

A running tally of the points earned so far will be published here during the summer season.

Note that the points are deliberately not published during the last couple of weeks of the season so that the prize-giving trophies are still something of a surprise!

Also note that your final finishing position will be based on your BEST 10 results, not the overall total, to allow for a few missed club nights, crashes etc.  We normally have 13-15 points racing nights in a season, so you can afford to miss/drop a few of the worst ones.

Riders must complete a minimum of 5 club nights through the season to be eligible for a trophy.